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Cortech Developments specialises in providing software integration solutions.

Datalog 5 is our main product and provides a holistic software solution that assists in the reduction of costs and risk. We can help your buildings operate at a higher level of efficiency, with a greater situational awareness and reduced energy consumption.

High Security

The high security sector has been an area of specialism for Cortech since 1992. This period of continuous development and innovation has resulted in Datalog 5, the leading-edge software suite capable of integrating virtually any third-party operational system.

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Smart Buildings

Cortech works extensively in the building management sector, providing smart building integrations to improve operational efficiency and reduce energy consumption. See how we can help disparate systems improving operators situational awareness.

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Fire safety should never be compromised. Cortech Developments can effectively integrate critical fire detection systems. We can help users to distinguish genuine alerts from false alarms, safeguarding employees, assets and resources.

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Our teams can also integrate safety systems to better manage risk to assets and investment. From industrial applications including emergency shutdown systems, radio paging and staff safety systems, to facilitate swift and appropriate operator response.

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