Datalog 5 is Cortech’s flagship building, fire and security management software and is currently in deployment at many key sites within the power sector. These locations include facilities within nuclear, oil, gas and electricity networks both in the UK and overseas. Our leading-edge software integrations can help to deliver comprehensive security, safety and accountability.

Power Sector Software Integrations

Cortech Developments can provide expert software integrations for facilities related to the generation and distribution of both fossil fuels and renewable energy. This might include connecting the following types of systems:

  • Security (CCTV, perimeter monitoring, secure door access, intercoms)
  • Fire Safety (fire alarms, alerts, smoke detection, evacuation)
  • Building Management (energy consumption, climate control)

Our experts can engineer a centralised dataflow from each of these disparate, third-party systems. This helps to greatly improve operational efficiency and even reduce costs

Institutions within the power industry form a key part of critical national infrastructure. As such, they require the highest levels of security and safety.

Securing Critical Infrastructure

Maintaining efficient security systems not only prevents criminality but also safeguards assets and public health. Cortech’s innovative software integrations can help end users to manage large and complex structures more easily and lowers reaction times in emergent situations. Straightforward monitoring can prove pivotal in the instance of simultaneous events, where the speed and consistency of response in line with organisational policy is a prerequisite.

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