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Datalog is our core product and is a leading example of a software management system for monitoring building, fire, security & energy systems.

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Cortech Developments work with a number of third-party drivers, giving us complete operational flexibility.

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Welcome to Cortech Developments

We provide software integrated solutions for smarter technology interoperability, which benefits our users with greater visibility, accountability, increased productivity and a lower cost of ownership.

Established in 1992, Cortech Developments is a successful UK based company who specialise in software integration solutions for smarter building, fire and security systems. We have a proven track record in delivering software development and integrated system solutions throughout the UK and globally for high security environments and critical infrastructure, enabling organisations to reduce operational costs and enhance operational efficiency.

Our core product Datalog is a modular based software suite that has been developed as a single or multi user Graphical User Interface. It provides local and remote site monitoring and control for single or multiple sites. When you choose a Datalog integration, we will consolidate your disparate, third-party systems, including CCTV management with Datalog MV, into one central manageable operation.

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Datalog 5

Datalog 5 is a complete, modular software suite designed to display data from separate operational systems into a central hub. Its flexible design makes Datalog 5 perfect for use in all manner of facilities, ranging from hospitals and prisons to universities and college campuses, so managing multiple systems including security cameras, secure door access, fire alarms, CCTV and more. Cortech’s experience can allow you to bring together each of these otherwise isolated systems to monitor and control this process resulting in reduced operator times and greater situational awareness.


Developed by Cortech’s experts, Datalog 5 is our core product and is a leading example of a software management system. By working intimately with third-parties, we can integrate an array of different software to streamline its operation. Our independent status allows us to meet the requirements of each client without limitation or compromise.

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We have completed successful integrations throughout Europe. Our operations also permeate the Asian continent; Cortech Middle East is located in Jumeirah Lake Towers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and serves our customers in the Middle East, Africa and Asia regions.

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Our fully trained and certified software engineers have a vast pool of experience in performing integrations. Through working intimately with both our own and third-party software, we have attained an outstanding level of expertise and cemented our position as a market leader. Contact our team for more details about our operational process.

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If you currently use another integrating system, don’t worry; switching to Cortech is simple. Our professionals have previously completed hundreds of successful migrations to Datalog 5 and our other products. If you would like to discuss your specific circumstances and systems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Powerful and reliable security and risk management, both now and tomorrow.

International Markets

Cortech also provides software management systems worldwide.

Whilst our headquarters is based in Cheshire, we also have an office in Dubai which provides sales, technical and support services for our clients throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia. This illustrates the inclusiveness and far-reaching capabilities of our expertise.



Smart building and the Internet of Things represent the future of risk and asset management.

The use of both legacy and current technologies can combine to create a new generation of smart buildings. The IoT era will be defined by superior levels of communication, enabling the buildings of the future to reach new-found levels of efficiency. Real-time data will be compared to historical patterns, allowing for corrective intervention and improved levels of performance.

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Third-party software driver interfaces

  • Perimeter
  • Access Control
  • Intruder
  • Datalog MV Drivers Under Development
  • System Drivers
  • CCTV Analogue Matrix
  • BMS, Energy & Data Monitoring
  • Fire
  • Cell Call
  • Staff Safety
  • ANPR / Vehicle Solutions
  • Intercom
  • Asset Tracking
  • General Alarm
  • Datalog MC Enhancements
  • Datalog 5 Icon
  • Video Analytics
  • Radio Paging

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Combining leading brands of CCTV, intercom, access control, energy systems and much more.

Today’s complex world of asset management has led to the majority of companies utilising a wide range of different systems. While other providers may advertise “integrations”, in actuality they provide something quite different. Cortech Developments has been independently integrating third-party systems since way back in 1992 and we have unrivalled experience in our sector.


Trust Cortech Developments to provide your perfect integration solution

It’s what we’ve being doing since 1992, for people including:

End Users

Our products simplify the working day of each end user.

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We can work with you to create a single, seamless system.

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We can help you find the very best solution for your clients.

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