Datalog ion

Entry-Level Integration Module

Datalog ion provides entry-level integration that offers outstanding cost effectiveness without compromising on quality. This simple yet effective input/output module can be used to deliver basic commands for a range of building, fire and security technologies. Datalog ion is part of the wider Datalog range of products available from Cortech Developments.

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How You Benefit:

Operating in conjunction with Cortech Developments’ main software, the Datalog ion module offers a range of basic commands to assist with the effective operation of building, fire and security systems. This module has been developed specifically for organisations that wish to use software systems to mitigate risk but lack the financial backing to fund a full integration.

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  • The Datalog ion module provides a range of basic commands for different building management systems.
  • This module is easy to install and features a compact design that makes it easy to accommodate within any structure.
  • Each device provides a maximum of 4 inputs and 2 relay outputs.
  • Offers a cost-effective solution for operating a wide range of technologies either locally or remotely across multiple buildings and sites.

Datalog ion is our entry-level product that lets you add basic, integrated commands to a range of building management systems.

System Monitoring

Datalog ion can be used to effectively monitor operational systems. Using this module, operators can evaluate equipment status, alerts, shorts, tampers and security alarms. This function can help users to swiftly identify and isolate specific faults and warnings, ensuring critical systems can continue to run effectively.


For Local & Remote Use

Operators need not be on-site to utilise Datalog ion. This module offers remote access: flexibility that can prove particularly useful in large, multi-building or multi-site complexes. Remote access can be used either to monitor or to operate disparate systems. Datalog ion’s simple yet effective design is perfect for a multitude of different organisations and sectors. However, for a more powerful system with greater flexibility, we would recommend our flagship Datalog 5 product.

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Datalog ion is the perfect choice for facilities that have a requirement affordable, entry-level system integration functionality.

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Datalog ion is an entry-level platform that offers basic integration functionality. Built by the experts at Cortech Developments, this module offers an affordable option for organisations that are unable to opt for a full integration.

For more information, or if you are interested in having ion installed in your facility, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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