High Security

Cortech Developments’ engineers deliver leading-edge software solutions for high security environments. Our flagship product, Datalog 5, is the culmination of over 30 years’ experience and 5 generations of continuous development and innovation within the sector.

Our systems can be deployed across multiple buildings, sites and even countries to strengthen security and safeguard critical infrastructure. We enable governments and organisations to reduce risk and costs whilst benefiting from greater situation awareness.

Integrating Security Systems

Datalog provides unrivalled interoperability of third-party security systems, ranging from CCTV and perimeter monitoring to secure area access and entrance point management. Cortech’s experts can integrate these otherwise disparate systems into a centralised hub.

System integrations allow operatives to monitor multiple networks from one geographical location, saving both time and operational costs. Real time data helps operatives to react to emergent situations swiftly and measuredly, ensuring appropriate action is taken in each instance.

Datalog enables building operators to monitor multiple security systems simultaneously, greatly reducing reaction times in emergent scenarios.


Our leading-edge integrations are currently in deployment in over 30 countries worldwide. Facilities which are currently utilising our software include prisons, government buildings military bases, airports, power stations and water authorities.

We provide flexible and practical software solutions which are proven to work in a multitude of secure settings. Wherever an environment has a requirement for high levels of security, Cortech’s innovative Datalog technology can help to streamline day-to-day operations.


Datalog eliminates the inefficiencies associated with managing control equipment as individual, isolated systems. Using our technology, you can effectively manage the movement of people through the control and logging of all communications linked with integrated video verification.

Accountability is also a key factor; users can ensure there is a log of all events and alerts, creating a trackable timeline that is fundamental for all retrospective investigation. In the event of an emergency, this log can be used to understand why the situation occurred and how it was rectified by operators.

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Our experts have many years’ cumulative experience working intimately with secure systems. Whether you’re a building owner, consultant, integrator or manufacturer, we can work with you to maximise workplace safety, security and building efficiency.

To learn more about how Cortech Developments can assist with asset protection and estate management, contact us. Alternatively, why not book a demo and experience how our security integration software can simultaneously reduce risk and operational costs.

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