We continue to work on several upgrades for large water treatment and distribution sites as well as key sites within the power sector. Cortech’s Datalog can help clients within the water and power industries to utilise the latest in IP and CCTV technology whilst retaining and extending the life of existing building, fire and security assets. We achieve this through administering industry-leading software integrations to aggregate otherwise isolated systems.

Utilities Sector Software Integrations

The utilities sector presents a unique blend of security and safety considerations which are frequently managed on-site by a multitude of individual systems. Cortech Developments can integrate these and install a centralised hub where data can be analysed and acted upon. This functionality can prove pivotal at critical sites including water treatment plants and distribution facilities as well as power generation premises relating to nuclear, oil, gas, solar and hydroelectricity.

We have previously completed software integrations for systems including CCTV, fire alarms, climate control, staff safety, secure door access, perimeter control, intercoms and many more. An efficient facility will combine the data from each system and extrapolate the nature of each event and, subsequently, any potential actions.

Cortech has a proven track record of systems deployment in the water sector, having worked with many of the major water authorities in the UK.

Safeguarding Utilities Infrastructure

By integrating key safety and security systems, managers can effectively monitor the perceived risk to assets and lives in the event of an emergent situation. In providing streams of real time information, Cortech can help end users to maintain a high level of safety and operational efficiency. In addition, we aim to achieve a reduction in downtimes caused by false alarms.

With Cortech Developments, your utilities facility can operate at peak efficiency and with minimal risk to staff and assets.

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