As well as providing expert software integrations for improved interoperability, Cortech Developments also offers comprehensive support packages for end users, integrators and consultants. From our entry-level Datalog ion module to our flagship Datalog 5 software suite, our expert team offers support packages to minimise downtime and safeguard your assets.

Why Purchase Support?

When it comes to risk management, it is prudent to have preventative measures in place. In this way, wider business strategies can avoid emergent situations with greater consistency. However, when incidents do occur, what matters most is how you respond. A support agreement from Cortech Developments provides you with in-house resources and expertise for remote diagnosis/resolution over the telephone or on-site.

Downtime can leave you vulnerable. Should the worst happen, it is vital to have a contingency plan in place to best protect personnel and assets.

What We Can Offer

Cortech will provide technical expertise and in-house resources either via email, telephone or through remote diagnostics. In addition, our engineers can provide on-site assistance where required. This can help to resolve Datalog issues quickly and effectively, providing your operation with the assurance of a guaranteed priority response in the event of system faults or problems.

Our team can help your operators quickly overcome most common issues. This will involve determining whether the issue lies within the Datalog PC or user programming. In many cases, faults can relate to the various manufacturer control panels connected to the system.

Contacting Our Support Team

If you require assistance with your Datalog system, please contact our support team directly on 01925 750607. Alternatively, you can email us at with any queries. Our support working hours are 09:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday, excluding UK Bank Holidays.

Please Note: We are unable to provide full support for software installed on any OS that exceeds Microsoft’s extended warranty advice (see table).

Operating systems that exceed the extended support date no longer receive security updates and are therefore at greater risk to security threats. Third-party drivers and SDK improvements or bug fixes cannot be assumed to work on non-compliant machines.

Software support will be provided to customers under their current, valid support agreement. In the event that a customer is unable to upgrade their OS to a version that is in mainstream support, then any hardware, OS and driver issues cannot be supported beyond ‘best endeavour’.

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Client Operating System End of Mainstream Support End of Extended Support
Windows 8.1 January 9, 2018 January 10, 2023
Windows 7 (Service Pack1) January 13, 2015 January 14, 2020

DVR Drivers End of Life Announcement

Cortech announces the end-of-life date for legacy DVR drivers used in Datalog 5, part of our on-going efforts to provide continuous improvement for our customers. The last date to order existing DVR drivers for Datalog 5 is 10/06/2020 (12 months from the date of this announcement).

(Please note that there will be no further rebuild releases of DVR drivers based upon updated third party SDK’s from immediate effect). As part of our commitment to provide the best possible support to our customers with active service contracts, the last release date for bug fixes, security or performance issues for legacy DVR drivers will be 01/06/2026.

Product Migration Options – Datalog MV

Customers are encouraged to migrate to Datalog MV (Multi View) which provides a step change in performance. With improvements in both functionality and flexibility when integrating with CCTV, DVR, NVR and VMS products. Datalog MV is available for all mainstream drivers.

Please contact our sales team for more information.