Fire safety is an essential consideration for all facilities and organisations must follow strict guidelines in relation to fire procedures. Datalog allows fire safety systems to be integrated into a central, easy-to-monitor interface. This ensures operators can quickly ascertain the nature of a fire alarm and react appropriately.

Maintaining an efficient and interoperable fire safety network reduces the amount of time wasted on evacuating after false alarms. Fire safety systems also assist in the effective management of assets and risk.

Integrating Fire Systems

Cortech Developments has delivered integrations of fire safety systems for many years. From smoke detectors and temperature gauges to CCTV and fire alarms, we can organise and display data from each of your fire safety systems.

Through our engaging, graphical interface, operators can quickly ascertain the nature of each fire alarm. If it is found to be genuine, evacuation procedures can be swiftly enacted. However, if the alert is found to be false, it can be cancelled within seconds to preserve operational resources.

Fire alarm verification provides greater situational awareness and allows operatives to make informed decisions with minimal time delay.

Effective Risk Management

In an emergent situation, the speed of response is a key factor in reducing risk. While a building can be rebuilt, the safety of people can never be compromised. Cortech’s innovative Datalog technology can pinpoint the nature of fire events quickly, verifying or disputing the immediate requirement for the rapid deployment of resources.

Datalog can integrate CCTV, fire, intercom, access control, intruder and perimeter systems as part of your organisation’s risk assessment regime. We actively reduce risks through delivering accurate location, response and other event data to assist in enacting a responsive incident management procedure.

Saving Lives

Every building must plan for emergencies involving fire. This has resulted in many organisations operating multiple disparate systems, from smoke detectors to fire doors and more. Such systems are vital in preserving the lives of employees, visitors and residents alike.

By enlisting Cortech to integrate your fire safety systems, you are creating lines of communication and facilitating swift data analysis and response in the event of an emergency. We can make your existing fire systems much more effective in avoiding preventable injury or loss of life.

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Our experts have many years’ experience working with fire and other safety systems. Whether you’re a building owner, consultant, integrator or manufacturer, we can work with you to maximise workplace safety and reduce the risk of asset loss through fire damage.

To learn more about how Cortech Developments can assist with asset protection and fire system, management, contact us. Alternatively, why not book a demo and experience how our integrations can improve your emergency response plans.

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