Datalog MV

Comprehensive CCTV Management

Datalog MV is a video-based software dedicated to integrating CCTV systems into a single, centralised interface. By displaying feeds from different manufacturers operators can monitor complex environments more easily than ever before. Datalog MV assists in managing the safety of building users as well as site security and effective asset management.

As building systems evolve and expand, more intelligent CCTV systems are being added to facilitate effective site monitoring. This practice often results in different cameras, software types and manufacturer setups that can cause interoperability and compatibility issues.

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How You Benefit:

Datalog MV offers many operational benefits for users with multiple CCTV systems. Whether you monitor single or multiple buildings, our outstanding software solutions can help to streamline your operation.

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  • MV connects directly to each third-party manufacture protocols, allowing your system to benefit from camera and recording features specific to each design.
  • Enabling communication between disparate systems provides significant cost benefits when combining legacy and new technology.
  • Our expert integrations can free you to invest in the best CCTV systems to meet your individual requirements, creating a network to best address your security concerns.
  • Enhanced video playback allows for live, pre/post alarm and historical video footage to be viewed simultaneously across all connected systems.
  • As a standalone system, MV multiple CCTV brands to be managed, monitor and controlled seamlessly as one system.

Datalog MV can integrate CCTV video and camera feeds from different manufacturers.

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Save time and effort by displaying multiple video feeds on one dashboard

Efficient clock


Reduce time wasted switching between video from different manufacturers



Monitor historical and real time data simultaneously for comparative purposes



A self-monitoring system ensures consistently outstanding performance

Improved System Management

Cortech’s powerful Datalog MV system is ideally suited to improving life, safety and site security. CCTV and perimeter camera video feeds from different manufacturers and generations of software can be integrated together and fed into one or more graphical interfaces. Not only does this simplify day-to-day monitoring and diagnostics, it also helps to save operators both time and costs.

Our software helps to effectively manage risk to assets. By providing a real-time video feeds and on-demand historical playback.

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One of the most significant risks for any control room management team is the failure or loss of video wall feeds. Datalog MV mitigates the risk of interruptions to your day-to-day operations by providing a stable and resilient data feed. If your video wall fails, Datalog MV continues to operate and maintains a connection until the wall is once again operational

Situational Awareness

The purpose of monitoring CCTV is to improve site security and safety. In emergent situations such as an intruder entering a secure area, real time video monitoring allows for operators to evaluate the scenario and to respond accordingly.

Datalog MV increases the situational awareness of all operators, reducing the amount of time wasted switching between screens or disparate software and delivering critical information in a timely and accurate manner.

MV increases the situational awareness of all operators, reducing the amount of time wasted switching between screens or disparate software.

Choose Datalog MV

There are a multitude of benefits to choosing Datalog MV to help manage your building’s CCTV systems. If you are currently using another video aggregating software, don’t worry. Our experts can devise a migration plan that is unique to your requirements and get your new platform set up as swiftly as possible.

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