Cortech Developments has previously installed software integrations for several prominent military organisations including the Ministry of Defence (MoD). Few industries can benefit more from software integrations than that of the Armed Forces. This is especially true for military institutions that stretch over a large area and across multiple building networks.

Defence Sector Software Integrations

The MoD maintains complex building networks dependant on an array of different operational systems. Cortech’s experts can help to aggregate each isolated system into a central hub. Doing so makes buildings more secure by making each security (CCTV, secure door access, perimeter control and more) available to monitor in one location and in real time.

With the addition of fire safety and building system management, our Datalog products can help to safeguard both civilian and military personnel whilst reducing reaction times in emergent situations.

Defence is a sector where security and safety systems are always of paramount importance. Our products can help to make both military staff and assets safe and secure.

On-Site Security

The engineers at Cortech Developments can work intimately with an array of drivers from third-party manufacturers. Because we are an independent provider, we have no affiliation with any one manufacturer; this unique position allows us to deliver outstanding integrations with no need to compromise on specifications.

We have amassed a large pool of experienced working with organisations in the high security sector. From secure door access to live camera feeds, Cortech can help MoD facilities to run security systems more efficiently and with a effective deployment of personnel.

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