Move Fast and Stay Aligned

Empower your team to prioritise opportunities, identify next-best actions and discover up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Sales enablement is the strategic, ongoing process of equipping sales teams with the content, guidance, and tools you need to effectively engage buyers.

An empowered sales team is a productive one, an enlightened sales team is a confident one, and an enabled sales team is a profitable one. Our modules have been created to effectively support your organisation’s sales training through hyper-focused areas of instruction and learning.

Participate in an assessment of your current knowledge, skill, and discipline as a salesperson, and get a roadmap for how to develop meaningful, lasting habits for you and your team while learning how to apply the lessons from the programme immediately to your professional interactions.

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Increase Customer Retention

Improved partner performance will result in increased partner responsiveness to customer concerns. This responsiveness will lead to increased customer retention rates.

Recognised & Endorsed External Accreditations

Engage in learning that is that is endorsed by 3rd party accreditors you can be sure that you are continually able to ‘up skill’ or ‘re-skill’ regardless of your occupation, providing your organisation with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Creating New Revenue Streams

Structured sales training enablement provides technical partners with a greater understanding of our products to reach out to customers and seek new revenue opportunities

Experience Faster Growth – Greater Market Share

With a clear channel partner training strategy on hand, we will always be ready to provide training for our partners new sales staff and reduce any waiting to get up to speed!

Externally Endorsed Accreditation

Our Sales Enablement Course has been fully audited against third party accreditation providers. Not only will delegates receive Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hours, but they will also receive a professional accreditation from the Institute of Sale Professionals (ISP), ensuring that they will be acquiring valuable, relevant, and structured transferable skills for all sales activities and initiatives.

Cortech have been awarded the status of ‘Endorsed Training Provider’ by the ISP. This means we have been through the external verification and have demonstrated that all attendees of our course will be able to complete all the ISP recognised core competencies associated with a professional salesperson.

By attending our accredited CPD course you can assured that all learning activity and course content has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and that that content have been evaluated to ensure integrity and quality.

Learn Key Competencies in Selling Solutions

Selling solutions is different to selling a physical product, the challenge here is to understand what is required when selling a solution. You need the stills to be able to determine what solutions are required by the customer, based on value, not product features and benefits, making the sales interaction much more complex.

Overcoming Objections

Good objection handling skills are crucial to success in sales, if the customer doesn’t see the value in your product or service, then it shows a lack of trust or certainty in what you’re offering. You need to build credibility with the buyer. We will look at some of the most common pitfalls in negotiating situations and how to overcome them. With an understanding of your customer’s wants and needs and your product’s offerings and value proposition, you can work on overcoming sales objections based on budget, authority, need, time, and value.

Best Practices

Having foundational sales knowledge means understanding each step of the sales process used by your organisation to convert customers. You must know what steps an individual takes to go from lead to customer, and what your role is in supporting that process.

Today, customers engage over a variety of mediums & touchpoints, through the sales enablement course you will become equiped with the best practices you need to deal with multiple communication channels, diverse customer backgrounds, changing business needs, and prospects who are increasingly well-informed.

No matter what you are selling, in today’s times buyers expect more. By establishing and following the latest best practices you will become more relevant to your buyer and be able to forge and develop relationships bult on trust and communication. By delivering clear value across your buyers’ journey, considering touchpoints resulting in higher conversion rates.

Teaching You Transferable Skills

Our Sales Enablement Course will provide you with the complete set of transferable skills you need to sell any product, service or solution. We will take you through each of these skill sets equipping you with the fundamentals to succeed.

How Do I Book?

The Cortech Developments Sales Enablement Training is currently open to all Gold and Platinum members of our Technical Partner Programme. These training courses are an excellent opportunity for you to update your knowledge, while remotely connecting with your peers and new business contacts.

If you would like more information or to secure your place on our next course, then please either contact your Account Manager, email or alternatively call 01925 750 600 and we will be happy to arrange.

*Each course runs with a maximum of 4 attendees and we make a charge of £95+VAT per person to cover administration costs.

Foundation Level 1 course

Foundation Course (Associate)

Level 1
Start with the basics and understand more about the concepts unpinning technology convergence.

Level 2 professional logo

Intermediate Course (Professional)

Level 2
Enable your team with a functional sales process, and you can make sales excellence the new normal for your team — today,
tomorrow and into the future.

Level 3 expert course logo

Advance Course (Expert)

Level 3
Learn to put what you have already learnt into practice, understanding more about software deployment and the correct questions to ask your customers.