Cortech Developments has amassed considerable experience in the healthcare sector, reducing risk through system integration and smart interoperability. We can integrate software ranging from security and fire alarms to climate control and other building management networks. Integrating these systems helps to improve operational efficiency whilst simultaneously reducing costs.

Health Sector Software Integrations

Institutions including hospitals, surgeries and clinics exhibit a common requirement for operational software. These systems frequently include security (CCTV, perimeter control and secure door access), fire safety (alarms, smoke detectors and temperature gauges) and building management (climate control and energy usage levels).

Datalog can integrate systems from a multitude of third-party manufacturers and providers. The efficient operation of systems including security and fire safety can mitigate risk. Reducing operator reaction times helps to facilitate an efficient and responsive incident management procedure that maximises the safety and security of staff and visitors.

Cortech’s Datalog products support the implementation of your organisation’s action plan following analytical risk assessment.

Ideal For Healthcare

A typical system integration within healthcare would include a combination of CCTV, access control, staff safety, intruder, intercom, pager, building alarms, nurse call, fire alarms, baby tagging, BMS and energy systems. Our independent status allows us to work intimately with each system provider, resulting in the best possible solution without the need to compromise.

With Cortech Developments, your healthcare facility can operate at peak efficiency and with minimal risk to staff and assets.

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