Smart Buildings

A key factor within the Internet of Things (IoT) communication revolution, smart buildings represent the future of building management systems.

Our engineers possess unrivalled industry knowledge and experience. This allows us to develop modular technology solutions that can effectively meet the evolving requirements of each individual project. We facilitate more efficient operation, lower energy use and reduced carbon emissions.

Integrating Building Management Systems

Information technology is vital to the world of BMS. The intercommunicative capabilities of modern building management systems give them the potential to operate more efficiently while consuming less energy. Cortech can unlock this potential, creating a network where otherwise isolated systems can communicate with one another.

We can deliver a single interface from which to manage control, monitoring, alarm handling, analysis and reporting tools to maximise the performance of facilities.

Cortech’s engineers can integrate BMS and energy software and deliver an interoperable platform for a sustainable, energy-efficient working environment.

For The Environment

Cortech’s Datalog system features Energy and BMS modules designed to provides real time monitoring and control of smart building technology. This facilitates smart energy monitoring, reducing your energy usage as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

As well as displaying meter readings, our systems can sound alerts when operator-set thresholds for power, temperature or water usage are exceeded. This can highlight high usage times or instances where excessive consumption may not otherwise be immediately evident. With the addition of CCTV and security detection devices, room temperature and lighting can be reduced based on non-occupancy.

Smart Buildings

Cortech’s innovative technology can assist in the effective management of individual systems, creating a smart building environment. Building systems should not be considered in isolation. As well as energy systems, our engineers can also integrate site security and fire alarms to create a flexible and scalable network.

Whilst your security operations may warrant a standalone responsibility, our interfacing technology assists with communication and management of out-of-hours response. Please visit our web page on high security for more information.

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Our experts have many years’ cumulative experience working intimately with secure systems. Whether you’re a building owner, consultant, integrator or manufacturer, we can work with you to maximise workplace safety, security and building efficiency.

To learn more about how Cortech Developments can assist with asset protection and estate management, contact us. Alternatively, why not book a demo and experience how our security integration software can simultaneously reduce risk and operational costs.

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