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The primary aim of the Technical Partner Programme is working with like-minded partners who match our commitment and drive to deliver industry leading solutions that provide end users with efficient and effective solutions, creating a real return on their investment.

The Technical Partner Programme connects Cortech’s end users to its growing ecosystem of trusted Technical Partners, all of whom share our same values, have certified engineers to install, configure and maintain their software integration solution – Datalog.

Our partners are an extension of our team. technology may be the enabler, but our partners are the true transformers, they bring our software to life, creating innovative new applications to solve business problems, guiding our customers through deployment and helping them get the most out of Datalog for all their needs.

Our Partners are a crucial part of our business, therefore it is important to us that we build and maintain long-term, meaningful relationships. We make it our job to take the time and care needed to nurture relationships with all our Partners, so that together we can best serve our clients.

With three different tiers that correspond to different levels of participation, engagement, and support to provide flexibility based on our partners commitment.

Categories are defined as: Recognised, Gold and Platinum Partners.

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Platinum Technical Partners

Platinum Partners are the most experienced partners and recognised as leaders in their respective geographical, vertical or horizontal markets.

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Gold Technical Partners

Gold Partners can demonstrate the technical know-how needed to support their business with regards to Datalog in a variety of applications.

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Recognised Technical Partners

Recognised Partners have the access to the solutions to drive smarter and more innovative business, helping customers to achieve results.

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