The transport sector presents a unique set of challenges for security. Widespread infrastructure and large-scale buildings over multiple locations make management a considerable task. With the added concern of passenger, staff and cargo safety, it is unsurprising that transport facilities rely heavily on electronic building management, security and fire safety systems.

Transport Sector Software Integrations

Cortech Developments has worked extensively within the transport sector and has previously completed integrations in all manner of transport buildings. In a successful integration, our Datalog 5 system acts as the central management system for a range of third-party software suites across an unlimited number of locations.

Using a single operating platform simplifies navigation and reduces the amount of time wasted monitoring multiple, isolated systems. The advantages of integrating disparate software are numerous and range from lower operational costs to improved situational awareness.

Cortech Developments’ involvement in the transport sector has involved the deployment of software systems in many different applications.

Travel In Confidence

By centralising third-party safety and security systems, operators can evaluate the precise nature of alerts swiftly and efficiently. This can save valuable time in a true emergency and also reduce the amount of downtime caused by false alarms. Cortech frequently works with security systems that are in widespread use throughout the transportation industry, from CCTV to secure door access and intercoms.

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