Managers of large event venues such as stadia and arenas list crowd control, public order and safety among their key responsibilities. This requirement necessitates the use of multiple management systems ranging from CCTV to fire alarm networks. An expert integration by Cortech Developments can help sports and entertainment venues to mitigate risk and operate at peak efficiency.

Stadium Software Integrations

Managing vast and complex environments with multiple entrance and exit points can be extremely challenging. With large crowd numbers, access and egress can both create situations that require careful monitoring and potential intervention. Cortech’s experts can fully integrate third-party software for a multitude of disparate systems, including:

  • CCTV
  • Access Control
  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation
  • Stadia Usage Management
  • Perimeter monitoring
  • Energy
  • Fire alarms
  • Staff safety
  • Radio paging
  • Public announcement

Cortech has advised many prestigious venues on how to reduce risks, minimise response times and provide greater situational awareness.

Safety Is Paramount

With any venue accommodating large visitor numbers, safety is always of the utmost importance. By centralising camera feeds, emergency alerts and more into a central location, Cortech can help to safeguard staff and visitors alike. An efficient and real time data feed enables operators to determine the nature of potentially emergent situations quickly and organise an appropriate response. By reducing downtimes and cutting inefficiencies, a full system integration can even reduce operational costs.

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