Public Sector

From local councils and government buildings to education and healthcare, the experts at Cortech Developments have worked hand-in-hand with public sector organisations for many years. We understand the pressures and considerations present within the industry and we have delivered fit-for-purpose software integrations to the public sector time and time again.

Public Sector Software Integrations

Cortech Developments has previously supplied bespoke software solutions to all areas of the public sector, including government. Usually based on security, fire and building management systems, our completed projects are currently in use in the following institutions:

  • Hospitals
  • Prisons
  • Government buildings
  • Local council buildings
  • Schools
  • Police stations

Cortech has amassed a large pool of experience working within the public sector.

Safe & Secure

Facilities within the public sector have a requirement for first-rate security and fire safety systems. With many types of hardware and software being upgraded over a long period of time, these networks are often comprised of disparate, isolated systems. We can integrate these systems into a central hub, facilitating easier management and lowering operational costs.

Security systems are indispensable in custodial buildings and prisons but are also widespread in schools and hospitals as well as council and governments buildings. These include everything from CCTV to perimeter control. By integrating these, along with fire alarms and smoke detection systems, we can keep workers and assets within the public sector as safe as possible.

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