Cortech Developments is a completely independent organisation that provides expert software integrations for clients across an array of different sectors. Our unique position leaves us unaffiliated with any control equipment manufacturers or distributors. This allows us to deliver uncompromising solutions that help clients to utilise their existing investment in legacy technology whilst enhancing their systems with the latest product innovations.

Cortech Developments

Established in 1992 and privately owned, Cortech Developments is one of the UK’s premier providers of integrated building, fire and security software. We currently operate in over 30 countries. Our centre of operations is based in Knutsford, Cheshire, in the United Kingdom. We also maintain offices in Dubai, from which we serve clients in the Middle East, Africa and Asia regions.


Cortech’s key product is Datalog 5. This comprehensive software suite facilitates unrivalled control and monitoring of otherwise disparate operational systems. Using Datalog 5, clients can integrate their security, safety and building systems to create and maintain a safe and sustainable environment. Our software can even help to reduce operational costs and reduce the amount of energy consumed.

Our other products include Datalog MV for powerful video feed management and Datalog ion for affordable, entry-level system control and diagnostics.

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We primarily work within high security, fire safety and smart building environments. These sector-spanning criteria include the operation of CCTV, perimeter control, intercom, secure door access, fire alarms, smoke detectors and energy metering systems.

Cortech’s friendly and knowledgeable team can apply aggregating software to a variety of third-party software types. This helps clients to mitigate risk and increase operational efficiencies.

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Our Vision

“To be regarded as best in class provider of high quality software product solutions, delivering on excellence in our end to end customer experience whilst always striving to improve our people and processes.”

Mission Statement

“We will work tirelessly to achieve our vision with a culture of ‘customer first attitude’, committed to continuous improvement and investment in people that delivers on outstanding service and product value for our customers. Our people will be empowered and encouraged to become the ‘be the best they can be’ within an innovative, collaborative and creative environment that inspires and practices sustainable development.”

Why Cortech?

We can assist you in making the most of your current technology investment and prolong the life of legacy systems. Based on our extensive experience within the software solutions sector, we will devise specific strategic objectives based on your individual project. These discussions would revolve around:

  • Limiting risk and escalation
  • Greater situation awareness
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Return on investment
  • Freedom of choice
  • Verification and accountability
  • Visibility of data
  • Greater interoperability
  • Extending the life of your systems
  • Sustainability

Whether you are a building owner, consultant, integrator or manufacturer, Cortech can work with you to maximise workplace safety, security and building efficiency.

To discuss your requirements, please get in touch with our team today or visit our contact us page now.

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