Prisons & Custodial

Cortech Developments has established itself as one of the leading providers of integrated software for high security environments. We have previously delivered solutions for custodial sector organisations worldwide, including prisons, young offender institutes and custody suites. Leading-edge communication and interoperability provide a host of benefits to security and safety systems.

Prison Software Integrations

Prison and custodial settings place more intensive and dynamic demands on their security systems than the majority of other sectors. Police and prison staff work within a challenging workplace and both have a wide range of responsibilities from handling calls and transfers to managing alarms, alerts and entry/exit points. Added to these considerations is the distraction of a potentially volatile and hostile environment.

The use of disparate CCTV, access, perimeter and intercom systems can prove cumbersome and labour-intensive within the prisons and custodial sector. Cortech’s Datalog can integrate security into a centralised hub, greatly streamlining their day-to-day operation.

Datalog has simplified the management of many complex control and monitoring systems frequently found in modern custody buildings.

Safeguarding Staff, Inmates & Visitors

The practice of integrating custodial security systems such as CCTV, secure door access and cell call not only makes user operation easier. It can also lower operational costs and save valuable time in emergent situations. Ensuring users have the tools and ability to determine the nature of alarms and alerts before taking appropriate action greatly improves the safety of staff, visitors and inmates alike.

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