Safety systems play a pivotal role in safeguarding assets and protecting personnel against accidental injury. Cortech possess a wealth of experience in integrating safety systems, ranging from alarms and CCTV to automatic machine shutoffs. The integration of such systems can reduce operational costs whilst assisting operatives in ascertaining the nature of emergent events before initiating an appropriate response.

Maintaining the smooth operation of safety systems not only protects staff and visitors from potential health hazards. Effective safety management is also a key factor in mitigating risk and negating potential harm to business assets.

Integrating Safety Systems

Cortech’s Datalog can integrate otherwise disparate systems into a centralised, manageable hub. By delivering real time data in a graphical format that is as engaging as it is simple to understand, we can ensure operators have access to the information required in any emergent situation.

In the event of safety alarms being triggered, data including mapped locations and live CCTV assist users in ascertaining the nature of the event. Appropriate action can then be undertaken, be it cancelling a false alarm or notifying emergency services.

Cortech provides efficient incident management procedures for local and remote site monitoring that maximise the safety of staff and visitors.

Protecting Assets

Safety systems offer a wide range of functionality designed to prevent harm to assets including staff, premises and the surrounding environment. In the industrial sector, Cortech’s expertise allows us to integrate crucial countermeasure systems, preventative systems, alarm networks and process control systems.

Alongside these safety measures, we also work with others including safety shutdown systems, emergency shutdown systems and emergency depressurisation systems as well as visual and audible signalling. Integrating such a network should be a priority for organisations since disparate systems are more difficult to monitor.

Protecting Your Employees

The consequences of wider safety issues, cannot be understated. While buildings can be rebuilt; the safety of people can never be compromised. It the speed of response that is a key factor in reducing risk and verification of such events provides greater situation awareness, enabling you to make an informed decision within seconds.

Third party systems that monitor employees such as lone worker, radio paging and guard tour can all be monitored using Datalog, ensuring the control room operators are notified of any disruptions or safety threats to members of staff.

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Our experts have many years’ experience working with safety systems. Whether you’re a building owner, consultant, integrator or manufacturer, we can work with you to maximise workplace safety and reduce the risk of asset loss.

To learn more about how Cortech Developments can assist with asset management, contact us. Alternatively, why not book a demo and experience how our integrations can improve your emergency response plans.