Protecting assets, ensuring the safety of staff and visitors and managing sustainable buildings are integral considerations for all large retail environments. Cortech Developments has helped retailers achieve these targets for many years and is the perfect choice for providing your retail sector software integration.

Retail Sector Software Integrations

Environments in the retail sector frequently utilise multiple operational systems. Datalog can take disparate software from different locations or manufacturers and integrate them into a common platform. This process helps to streamline day-to-day operations by creating lines of communication between otherwise isolated systems.

By integrating systems including climate control and CCTV, retailers can make their premises operate with heightened level of sustainability and security.

Retailers exhibit a common requirement for operational systems, ranging from CCTV and intruder alarms to cash registers.

Protecting Assets

The consequences of fire, theft, assault, loss of data and criminal damage within the retail sector cannot be understated. For instance, Cortech has previously helped large retailers to quickly distinguish genuine fire alarms from those that are false, reducing downtime without compromising on the safety of staff or visitors.

Cortech’s Datalog software management system can pinpoint the location and nature of events swiftly, verifying or disputing the requirement for the rapid deployment of resources and enabling operators to make informed decisions.

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