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Cortech Developments has experienced deploying system integrations worldwide since 1992. After developing 5 generations of innovative command and control software, we have delivered integrated software solutions for many critical infrastructure and high security environments. Our systems are currently being used in facilities within sectors including government, military, custodial, healthcare, utilities, transport and more.

We currently offer 3 core products: Datalog 5, Datalog MV and Datalog ion. These range from basic modules with simple commands to our powerful, versatile software suite in Datalog 5. Through selecting and modifying the most appropriate product to suit your needs, Cortech’s experts can help your facility improve its operational safety, security and efficiency.

Our flagship product, Datalog 5 is a modular software suite developed to offer either a single or multi-user graphical interface. It can integrate a multitude of different security, fire and building management systems into an easy-to-manage central location.

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Datalog MV CCTV management software. Powerful, yet simple to use, MV enhances the control and flexibility of monitoring single or multiple CCTV systems.

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The Datalog ion module is our entry-level product that offers a range of basic commands for the operation of building, fire and security technology. Affordable and extremely effective, ion is a flexible module that is ideal for use in a multitude of environments.

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Additional Services

As well as providing high-quality integration products and software, Cortech Developments also offers a range of additional services. These include comprehensive training courses and customer support services. Browse our additional service offering online today.

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