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Cortech Developments has deployed integrated software solutions in over 30 countries. Our previous projects have included institutions ranging from government and council buildings to prisons and hospitals. With our assistance, organisations throughout a multitude of sectors are streamlining their operations, making them more efficient and sustainable.

Organisations in virtually all industries have a requirement for operational systems. Because Cortech is an independent provider, we can work intimately with third-party systems to delivery first-rate software solutions.


Defence facilities have an obvious requirement for security and fire safety systems. Datalog has successfully integrated third-party software platforms at several military locations, helping managers to safeguard both personnel and assets.

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From schools to colleges and universities, educational institutions frequently operate in complex premises across multiple locations. With a software integration by Cortech, distances and geographical restraints no longer impact the effectiveness of security and safety systems.

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We have significant experience working in the healthcare sector at institutions ranging from clinics and surgeries to hospitals. Smarter technology helps to safeguard staff, patients and physical assets by optimising the operation of existent fire and security systems.

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Prisons & Custodial

Prisons and custodial facilities place greater demands on their security systems than virtually any other industry. Cortech can help to centralise systems including CCTV, intercoms, cell call, secure door access and perimeter monitoring to greatly improve the safety of staff, visitors and inmates.

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Public Sector

Cortech’s expert services have been commissioned by organisations within the public sector for many years. A multitude of council and government buildings throughout the UK benefit from our products, improving their operational efficiency and sustainability.

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Retailers of all sizes can benefit from integrating security and fire alarm software into a central information hub. Accurately and swiftly reacting to emergent situations can not only safe lives but reduce downtime in the event of false alarms.

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We have previously provided software solutions for many large sporting venues, including cricket grounds and football stadia. Cortech enables large-scale structures to accommodate high visitor numbers efficiently through the application of various operational systems.

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Our Datalog products are ideal for application in critical structures within the transportation sector. Our previously completed projects include systems at bus stations, train stations and onboard CCTV. Learn more about our transportation services on our dedicated web page.

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Cortech’s previous projects in the utilities sector range from power stations to water treatment facilities. Such structures can benefit from integrating safety and security systems helping sites to comply with legislative compliance.

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