Sophisticated Security Solution For Silverburn

Silverburn, Scotland’s newest shopping destination can make claims to have one of Europe’s most technically advanced security systems with two leading manufacturers, Vicon and Cortech, working closely together to provide a sophisticated video management system.

Silverburn Shopping Centre

Silverburn near Glasgow comprises five distinct shopping areas. Collectively, The Crescent, The Square, The Lane, The Circus and The Garden comprise over a million square feet retail space plus a large number of cafes and restaurants, whilst the centre’s multi-storey car park provides shoppers with the convenience of 4,500 car parking spaces. The specification for the CCTV system needed Vicon and Cortech to work closely together to provide a sophisticated system which fully meets the shopping centre’s immediate requirements whilst also having virtually unlimited built-in expansion capabilities.

Vicon has provided the CCTV hardware including 240 dome cameras which are a combination of their highly successful Surveyor and VC-600 models, as well as 15 Kollector Pro digital video recorders which are capable of recording and storing video at high frame rates for up to 31 days. Together with keypads, monitors and a Vicon matrix switcher, the domes and DVRs are all networked. Meanwhile, Cortech supplied the system management software that drives the “front-end” and cooperated with Vicon to ensure that Silverburn took delivery of an effective and easy to operate integrated security solution.