Pelco Integration

The Datalog 4 Security Management System continues to support a wide range of notable CCTV brands. A recent addition to our portfolio includes an interface with the Pelco range of Digital Video Recorders using the XPortal interface. Models compatible with Datalog include the DX8100 and Endura.

Pelco Integration

Datalog uses the Pelco XPortal API version to communicate with the DVRs.

When an alarm occurs on Datalog up to four cameras can be associated with a circuit and switched to a preset. The alarm event can then be replayed on the Datalog screen to show the pre and post event for video verification of the alarm event. Historic replay of events is available and also manual camera selection for replay or live.

Datalog camera icons can be used so that cameras can be dragged and dropped from the Datalog maps and dropped on to the video replay window for reviewing recorded images or viewing live cameras.

If PTZ cameras are connected to the DVR then live onscreen PTZ control is available via the Datalog screen.