MultiTek Perimeter Detection Integration

Cortech Developments’ EtherTek driver module fully integrates Detection Technologies’ MultiTek Intrusion Detection System with the Datalog 4 security management system.



The EtherTek interface facilitates control and monitoring of all aspects of the MultiTek detection system including detection parameter adjustments, alarm reporting, recall and replay of audio clips generated as a result of alarm events, as well as normal alarm management functionality such as inhibiting and enabling of zone alarms.

The EtherTek engineering screen within Datalog4 provides complete control over the configuration of the MultiTek system and is only accessible using an engineering level password.

The MultiTek detection system eliminates the need for electronic modules in the field by making use of the properties of Detection Technologies VibraTek sensor cable which allows transmission of sensor signals to the centrally located MultiTek system across simple and reliable twisted pair cables.

The MultiTek / VibraTek system eliminates the need to route power and communication cables around the site perimeter thereby significantly reducing installation costs.

System architectures which eliminate field based electronics are inherently more reliable because the sensitive electronics are removed from environments where they can be subjected to extremes of temperature and humidity, as well as the destructive effects of lightning strikes.