Cortech & Bosch Cutting Edge Solutions

Cortech’s Datalog 4 Alarm Management System provides seamless integration with the Bosch range of IP video products including video encoders, decoders and Divars. This integration allows Datalog 4 to show operators live or recorded video, control video decoders (such as a virtual video matrix), provide consecutive camera numbering of encoders and much more besides.

Bosch and cortech security cameras

DVR related features include time and date search for playback of manually selected cameras, replay of pre and post alarm event video, viewing live video, and in-window control of PTZ cameras while viewing live video. Up to four simultaneous cameras can be played back via on screen display within the Datalog software.

The virtual matrix consists of monitor decoders to display cameras across the network using IP video streams. Features include automatic call up upon alarm condition of up to five cameras and preset positions, PTZ control, sequences, tours and favourite buttons. Datalog will monitor communications to Bosch devices and will annunciate any communication failures.

In order for the Datalog software to communicate with Bosch devices, the Bosch VideoSDK must be installed on the PC. The Bosch VideoSDK is compatible with the following devices:

  • Bosch VideoJet 10, VideoJet 100, VideoJet 8000 and VideoJet 8008.Bosch Divar System
  • Bosch VIP X1, VIP X2, VIP XD, VIP 10, VIP 1000 and VIP X1600.
  • Bosch Dinion IP
  • Bosch AutoDome IP
  • Bosch Vidos Lite Monitor Wall
  • Bosch Divar