Visimetrics Integration

The Datalog 4 Security Management System now offers full integration with the Visimetrics range of Digital Video Recorders, including FASTAR, OCTAR and VADER.


When an alarm occurs on Datalog up to four cameras can be associated with a circuit and switched to a preset. The alarm event can then be replayed on the Datalog screen to show pre and post video verification. Historic replay of events is also available together with manual camera selection for replay and live.

Up to four cameras can be displayed simultaneously in either quad view mode or as one single camera. Datalog camera icons can be used so that cameras can be dragged from the Datalog map and dropped on to the video replay window for reviewing recorded images or viewing live cameras.

If PTZ cameras are connected to the DVR then live on-screen PTZ control is available via the Datalog screen. Datalog can monitor for video loss, disk failures, temperature and input alarms.

DVR Workstations – OCTAR

Visimetrics Digital Evidence Recorder workstations are designed for small to medium sized installations where the recording systems will provide all the recording and review functionality locally.

All Digital Evidence Recorder features and functionality are available with direct local control enabling the configuration, control, review and export of evidence from the system.

DVR Servers – FASTAR and VADER

Visimetrics Digital Evidence Recorder Servers enable distributed network storage over local and wide area networks. Whether the review point is the same building, same city or even different country the user has network access from a control system for full configuration, control review and archiving purposes.

Servers within the Digital Evidence Recorder range allow for both scalability and redundancy in storage format through the use of Visimetrics mass storage system, RAID Array.