Seamless Integration With Cardax

The Datalog security management system now incorporates a driver to communicate with the Cardax FT Command Centre. The Datalog / Cardax driver is an OPC client, which receives status changes and modifies override values via the Cardax OPC server.


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The system is set-up by assigning status values to Datalog circuits or relays, and overrides to relays or circuits. Once set-up, input and door alarms will be reported as Datalog alarms. Doors can be opened and outputs switched using output groups and output icons.

The system also supports additional Trophy FT Powerfence controllers. The fence zones can be switched on and off by arming and disarming associated Cardax alarm zones. Fence zones are reported via the fence zone status.

A further option is also available to acknowledge the Cardax server’s alarm queue by implementing the Cardax server’s OPC alarm and event service.Cardax Logo