Eyevis Video Wall Solution

Cortech are pleased to announce a new integration development with Eyevis, a leading manufacturer and world-wide supplier of high quality visual displays solutions for control rooms.


The development of the new Eyevis driver allows Datalog to communicate with a range of Eyevis video wall controllers.

Operators can use the Datalog PC to change the video wall layout or enable the Datalog PC to change the layout automatically in response to alarms (or return the video wall to another layout when the last alarm has been reset).

The Datalog PC can also display a replica of the entire video wall layout. This allows the operators to drag and drop Datalog camera icons onto the video wall replica to change which camera is shown. The Eyevis video wall can be connected either by an analogue or virtual matrix or IP video streams.

Operators can also click the cameras in the video wall replica. This switches the clicked camera to the segment in the middle of the video wall and the camera’s adjacent cameras to nearby video wall segments.

Eyevis Video Walls