Protec Cell Call Integration

Cortech’s Datalog software provides full integration with Protec’s Cell Call units for use in prisons and custody suites.


Protec Fire Detection logo

In order to comply with the 1952 Prison Act, which requires every detention cell to have a means to communicate with the Wing Office, Protec Fire Detection designed and manufactured the 6400 range of cell call equipment. In-cell call units are mounted within each detention cell and provide the means for a prisoner to call for assistance.

Protec’s range of cell call units (6000/CCU/HMP) have been designed to comply with the latest NOMS requirements and provide a simple, cost effective, yet robust solution for most prison and custody cell applications.

Datalog’s integration with Protec’s cell call units enables an alarm to be generated should an officer not respond to a call for assistance with a given period of time (this time is set on the system).Protec Fire Detection PLC

When an officer enters a cell the intercom (inside the cell) becomes a dual purpose panic button, which if activated, sends an alarm through the Datalog to the main control room. All alarms are logged within Datalog’s history.