Geutebruck Video Motion Integration

Cortech developments is pleased to announce a major development with the integration of its Datalog 4 modular software suite with the Geutebruck VS40 External Video Motion Detection System. Commands sent by the Geutebruck VS-40 will be relayed by the Datalog to the operator.

Geutebruck integration

These messages will take the form of alarms, where an unusual pattern of activity has occurred on a camera connected to the Geutebruck and images displayed, in most cases using pre/post alarm loop display.

VS-40 is a 3-D video detection function software which provides a highly sophisticated video motion detection for critical outdoor applications.

  • Picture evaluation in real time
  • 128 alarm zones, adjustable in size, position, sensitivity and functionality
  • Full perspective compensation 3D
  • 5 x Measuring cycles independently adjusted
  • High rejection of false alarms caused by external environmental influences
  • Up to 1000 modules in one system
  • Integrated in GEUTEBRUCK GeViSoft systems architecture