Open Innovation Event 2014 – Manufacturer Profiles

Cortech Developments specialise in software integration solutions for building, fire and security management systems. We have a proven track record in delivering software development and integrated system solutions for high security environments and critical national infrastructure.

Open Innovation Event 2014 - Manufacturer Profiles

Cortech’s core software suite, Datalog 5, provides smarter interoperability and integration of building, fire and security control technology including CCTV, access control, intruder, perimeter, fire, intercom, staff safety, BMS and energy systems.

Managing building, fire and security operations across multiple sites and complex building environments can be a significant challenge. Extensive sites can often involve the monitoring of thousands of circuits with multiple control systems. These events could be critical life safety situations and require immediate action to limit risk and escalation.

Datalog 5 provides quick and effective real time monitoring and control of events. System warnings, events and alarms are all clearly identified [with pre-determined event help information], prioritised, graphically located and visually verified with automatic CCTV video to enable a more efficient and accountable response.

Cortech Developments ‘holistic’ software solutions can assist you in reducing costs and risk, improving operational efficiency and providing greater situation awareness.


DVTEL is a world-class developer, designer and provider of video surveillance software and hardware technologies including cameras, encoders, NVRs, video management systems, thermal cameras and intelligent video analytics. In London, DVTEL is the preferred supplier of HD IP CCTV solutions to a world renowned hospital, a Borough town center and two museums. Along with its latest range of broadcast quality cameras, and years of experience in developing enterprise level software, DVTEL now offers a complete “plug and play” portfolio of quality systems designed for the small to mid-tier market.

DVTEL works with system integrators and end-users to be their one-stop-shop for open, scalable solutions on a platform that provides full integration, with the option to customize. DVTEL’s end-to-end solutions give customers flexibility and functionality with the ability to grow seamlessly. Let DVTEL take care of your security, so you can focus on your core business.


Eyevis have developed the most comprehensive range of video wall display and controller solutions available to suit client’s specific security and non-security application requirements, in terms of technical features and budget. Our modular systems allow either entry level solutions or large scale installations to be carried out with simple expansion capabilities from one to the other.

Through a large installed base of customers within the UK and world-wide, Eyevis can demonstrate the high reliability of their solutions and services.

Our solution is fully integrated to the Datalog monitoring and control suite which allows automated decision making for the most appropriate video wall displays for any given scenario – or for simple real time operator control when appropriate.

The Eyevis video wall solution allows the display of multiple IP video streams, from a wide range of manufacturers including ONVIF compliance, in addition to important graphic data from networked workstations and standalone systems.

Southwest Microwave Limited

Southwest Microwave is a global leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance outdoor perimeter security systems that successfully protect against risk to critical infrastructure and high value assets. Our field-proven fence, buried cable and microwave detection solutions provide precise detection of perimeter disturbances for security-sensitive applications that dictate unyielding reliability.

We have a longstanding industry pedigree of over 40 years of experience and 70,000+ installations across Utilities, Industrial, Transportation, Government, Defence and other specialist sectors.

Southwest Microwave’s INTREPID™ sensor technologies deliver the industry’s broadest feature set and highest detection performance. The unique ability to differentiate between intrusion attempts and harmless environmental disturbances provides unparalleled resistance to nuisance alarms. Proprietary calibration capabilities guarantee uniform detection sensitivity across the protected area, regardless of fence or terrain characteristics. Software-controlled detection zone assignment offers flexibility as site protection needs evolve, and minimizes hardware requirements, making these systems highly economical over long distances. And with the ability to integrate fence, buried cable or microwave detection technologies on a single communications platform, layered protection solutions can be easily deployed for sites with higher security requirements or varying physical characteristics.


Synetica have developed an innovative solution to effectively measure, monitor and control your energy consumption and environment to achieve significant reductions in energy costs and carbon emissions.

Our unique wireless metering system allows energy to be monitored via non-invasive, flexible transducers, which achieve Class 1 metering accuracy. Wireless communications slash the installation time and pre wired sensing coils permit the meters to be installed without power interruption. The compact sensing coils can be easily installed in the limited space available in existing distribution boards and switchgear, where the size of a traditional CT presents a challenge.

The solution also connects to both wired and wireless environmental sensors such as temperature, humidity, light level, solar irradiance, pressure etc. and this data may be logged and presented alongside the energy consumption data.

The system provides a complete end to end solution for collecting energy and environmental data via wireless or wired meters and sensors which is then sent via the Internet to the Synetica Web dashboard, enVision, where the data may be presented and analysed in a comprehensive range of charts and tables to identify waste and optimise performance.

Stentofon – Zenitel UK

The STENTOFON critical communications portfolio offers state of the art quality software and hardware. Just press a button and you can call for immediate assistance, help and support. The voice in the other end can be heard loud and clear, thus eliminating misunderstandings or misinterpretations. Even in very noisy environments we offer crystal clear audio – driven by our Turbine stations with 10Watt amplifiers and active noise cancellation included. Our products are built to last with backward compatibility; this reduces the cost of ownership.

With STENTOFON assistance and surveillance through integrated audio, we add an invaluable feature to the overall security system. In case of an unexpected event, the public can rely on instant audio communication with a central control room and receive security announcements and alerts through equipment providing crisp and clear audio. Through our SIP capabilities, we also offer communication points in a pre-existing or new VoIP system. Integration with other systems comes alive with STENTOFON OPC and STENTOFON SDK.