New SigNET Integration

Cortech Developments is pleased to announce a major new integration development with Europlex Technologies that will benefit the government, commercial, industrial and financial sectors.


Cortech Open Innovation Event April 2015

The Datalog Security Management System can now communicate with Europlex’s range of intruder alarm panels which are compatible with the Europlex Datagram Protocol.

Compatible devices include:

  • Aplex, 3GS, connected via a CiTeC I
  • SigNET 200 / 220
  • SigNET 300

Communication is via a UDP Network or via RS232 Modem. The panel can be fitted with a PSTN and/or GSM modem. Datalog supports panels to be continually polled (network only) where Datalog can provide a real time status of all the inputs and doors, or using remote dial up where the panel only communicates with Datalog when an incident or event occurs.SigNET Datalog Integration

Datalog maps the Europlex inputs to standard Datalog circuits with each input and door represented by a circuit on Datalog. Europlex internal events such as battery problems, cabinet tampers, communication failures etc. are also reported by Datalog. Other features available include keypad emulation (3GS only), panel set/unset, output control, door control and full status window of the panel.

SigNET is a true hybrid alarm system with 8 on-board wired zones and on-board wireless gateway that communicates with intruder devices using the new European wireless frequency 868MHz, providing greater security from interference and jamming. The SigNET range can be expanded up to 512 zones.

For larger specifications the SigNET system components can be mixed and matched to expand both the wired and wireless zones.

All panels support “true” system partitioning, enabling multi-area and multi-tenant applications. Multi-tenant systems have the capability to report multiple URNs to central stations and enable private (SMS) notification for specific users. For added security, access to the web server is also partitioned with authentication for each tenant.

All the controllers in the range are designed in conjunction with the new European standard EN50131, allowing installations to fully comply.

Signet 200 / 220 Series
Supports 128 zones of wired or wireless devices.
Signet 200 is available in IP ready option.

Signet 300 Series
Supports IP connectivity as standard and has an in-built web server for configuration and user. information. Interaction with the system is through the keypads or a web browser.