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Cortech Developments


Cortech Developments specialise in software integration solutions for building, fire and security management systems. We have a proven track record in delivering software development and integrated system solutions for high security environments and critical national infrastructure.

Cortech’s core software suite, Datalog 5, provides smarter interoperability and integration of building, fire and security control technology including CCTV, access control, intruder, perimeter, fire, intercom, staff safety, BMS and energy systems.

Managing building, fire and security operations across multiple sites and complex building environments can be a significant challenge. Extensive sites can often involve the monitoring of thousands of circuits with multiple control systems. These events could be critical life safety situations and require immediate action to limit risk and escalation.

Datalog 5 provides quick and effective real time monitoring and control of events. System warnings, events and alarms are all clearly identified [with pre-determined event help information], prioritised, graphically located and visually verified with automatic CCTV video to enable a more efficient and accountable response.

Cortech Developments ‘holistic’ software solutions can assist you in reducing costs and risk, improving operational efficiency and providing greater situation awareness.



Our focus is to deliver the highest quality of IP video images anytime, anywhere.

Our focus is – to reduce storage costs and network strain without compromising
video quality.

Quiet scenes with little or no movement require a lower bitrate. By intelligently distinguishing between noise and relevant information, such as movement, intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction (iDNR) reduces bitrate by up to 50%. Because noise is reduced at the source during image capture, the lower bitrate does not compromise on video quality. With iDNR, our focus is to significantly reduce storage costs, and lessen network strain by only using bandwidth when needed.

Our focus is – to provide you with perfect exposure every time. Fluctuations in backlight and front light can ruin your images. To achieve the perfect picture in every situation, intelligent Auto Exposure (iAE) automatically adjusts the exposure of the camera. It offers superb front light compensation and incredible backlight compensation by automatically adapting to changing light conditions. With iAE, our focus is to provide you with perfect exposure every time.

Our focus is – never to lose track of objects of interest. In video surveillance, moving objects are usually the most significant objects of interest. Intelligent Tracking (iTracking) automatically tracks moving objects based on predefined alarm rules or a simple click. By intelligently distinguishing between single and multiple reference points, iTracking will provide uninterrupted tracking. Optimal capture of the object of interest is assured by dynamically adjusting the field of view. With iTracking, our focus is never to lose track of objects of interest.



Formed in 2001, Emizon developed the first secure, managed, intruder dual-path alarm and CCTV communications monitoring service designed for broadband/IP networks.
Emizon technology enables users to embrace the benefits of IP networks. These provide improved functionality, flexibility and cost effectiveness.

They can also enhance security far beyond the capabilities of traditional dual-path signalling and services. With a worldwide installation figure approaching 30,000 installations, Emizon is the fully certified future proofed product for your secure signalling needs. Emizon as a company is certified to ISO standard 9001 and Emizon Platforms and Devices conform to the highest Grade 4 EN signalling standards (LPS1277v3) and supports monitoring of CCTV connectivity to BS8418 standard. Emizon has achieved EU certification EN50136-1 January 2012. Emizon is fully insurance approved so moving from legacy analogue signalling to Emizon is fully compliant.

We can monitor anything from anywhere. If you have any equipment with a switchable output we can monitor it. Emizon can report any fault condition such as BMS systems, fridge/freezer alarms and even live footfall reporting thus increasing the efficiency of your business. Emizon systems can be found installed with many major UK retailers, Universities, NHS Trusts and various Local Authorities along with thousands of SME’s and residential users.

Intech Solutions


For 30 years and counting and with over 4000 installations worldwide, the team at Intech have continued to innovate; using intuitive ideas and cutting edge design concepts for the demanding control room environment. Intech Solutions are a designer and manufacturer of bespoke technical furniture spanning the globe.
Whether it’s a compact, single operator workstation or a large scale, multi-operator suite, requiring a full turnkey Installation package; we can tailor a solution to fit. Intech Solutions can take care of everything from design to a full fit out scheme, using their own extensive project management and M&E experience.
Our list of prestigious projects have included Heathrow; Terminal 5, Wembley, University of Cambridge, The Imperial War Museum, Defence Establishments, The State Of Qatar and The Holy Haram; Mekkah Expansion to name but a few. With a 10 year warranty, a wide choice of colours, quality materials and superior craftsmanship, with all designs compliant to ISO11064, let Intech Solutions be your partner of choice.

Nemtek Electric Fencing Products

Nemtek electric fence

Safe, Smart and Secure – Nemtek, a pioneer in its field, has become the benchmark for the security electric fencing industry. The Nemtek group manufactures a full range of energisers and fencing hardware and has become a globally known and respected company.
Many governments, local authorities and industries are now specifying Nemtek as the product of choice to protect their assets. This has been achieved by Nemtek’s continuous innovation, fast response to the changing dynamics experienced in the security field, the reliability of their products and the continuous support and close working relationship with their clients.

Nemtek manufactures all its products with high security in mind and we recognise that certain sites require different types of high security solutions, such as multiple electric fencing zones and the need for integration with other technologies such as CCTV. Our energisers can be networked and controlled from a multitude of user interfaces, which can be located locally to the system, or anywhere in the world. Our vast experience of supplying high security solutions in many different parts of the world has made Nemtek a trusted source for products and knowledge to address most high security needs.

Stentofon – Zenitel UK


The STENTOFON critical communications portfolio offers state of the art quality software and hardware. Just press a button and you can call for immediate assistance, help and support. The voice in the other end can be heard loud and clear, thus eliminating misunderstandings or misinterpretations. Even in very noisy environments we offer crystal clear audio – driven by our Turbine stations with 10Watt amplifiers and active noise cancellation included. Our products are built to last with backward compatibility; this reduces the cost of ownership.

With STENTOFON assistance and surveillance through integrated audio, we add an invaluable feature to the overall security system. In case of an unexpected event, the public can rely on instant audio communication with a central control room and receive security announcements and alerts through equipment providing crisp and clear audio.
Through our SIP capabilities, we also offer communication points in a pre-existing or new VoIP system. Integration with other systems comes alive with STENTOFON OPC and STENTOFON SDK.

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