Barco Hydra Integration

The Datalog 4 Alarm Management system offers full integration with the Barco Hydra. Barco are a global technology company that design and develop visualisation solutions for a variety of selected professional markets.

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This driver allows Datalog to communicate with the Barco Hydra video wall controllers, allowing operators to use the Datalog PC to change the Hydras’ video wall layout or to have the Datalog PC change the layout automatically in response to alarms (or to return the Hydra to another layout when the last alarm has been reset).Barco - Visibly Yours

The Datalog PC can also display a replica of the entire video wall layout. This allows operators to drag and drop Datalog camera icons onto the video wall replica to change which camera is shown (this requires that the Hydra is connected to a video matrix switcher).

Operators can also click the cameras in the video wall replica; this switches the clicked camera to the segment in the middle of the video wall and the camera’s adjacent cameras to nearby video wall segments.

Datalog can also change the UMD text of video wall segments to show the name of the camera being displayed – this is useful when the camera video feed does not include anything to identify the camera.

Datalog can also optionally synchronise the Hydras’ time and date.

As control centers continue to become larger and more complex, a growing number of signals from a variety of sources need to be controlled. Barco’s Hydra can control up to 60 analog or digital inputs on one single display simultaneously. Hydra is operated via a standard web browser and features advanced warnings and alarms. One single PC can control numerous networked units that jointly display hundreds of signals.