Datalog Gate Control Enhancement

Cortech is pleased to announce a new Datalog software enhancement for integration with manufacturer’s perimeter fence equipment. The driver has been developed to avoid nuisance alarms caused by security fencing ‘rattling’ when gates are opened and closed.



Engineers are able to apply a Datalog Time Zone to the Gate Control driver to determine when the driver is operational. Normal alarm announcements will commence when the Time Zone finishes. The driver operates by registering a list of gates, which Datalog then monitors checking whether any gates in this list are opened or closed.

Where a registered gate is opened the surrounding fence panels are inhibited to avoid any nuisance alarms. This operation is repeated when Datalog registers a gate has been shut. A gate alarm will be announced if a registered gate remains open past its allocated time. Gate and fence inhibit time periods are editable within the driver.

Perimeter Fence and Gate Upgrades to Datalog