Enhanced Functionality for ViconNet DVR

Cortech Developments has enhanced the functionality of the Datalog SMS for integration with the ViconNet digital platform from Vicon. The Datalog 4 Alarm Management System can communicate with the ViconNet API version 5 over a TCP/IP network allowing integration with the Vicon Kollector range of Digital Video Recorders, ViconNet NVRs and ViconNet IP cameras. Datalog can also monitor the ViconNet system for a number of different alarms types. These include video loss, VMD, Video Analytics, Alarm inputs and RVS alarms.


Features include time and date search for playback of manually selected recorder cameras, the execution of macros within ViconNet upon a Datalog circuit alarm, the option to issue preset commands on alarm and the automatic replay of alarm events on the Datalog screen for video verification. Playback of cameras is via an on screen display on the Datalog monitor of up to four simultaneous cameras synchronised by time and date with playback controls of fast forward, reverse, pause etc.Vicon DVR

Up to four cameras can be displayed simultaneously in either a quad view mode or one single camera in live or replay mode. There is also the option to incorporate the use of the Datalog camera icons so the cameras can be dragged off the Datalog maps and dropped on to the Vicon window and then perform the required operations (playback, PTZ etc.) with the selected cameras. Live cameras can be viewed with the ability to control any PTZ cameras. Where audio is available for a camera this will be played via the Datalog PC whenever that camera is selected, either with live or recorded audio.