Reduced Response Time Improves Staff Safety

The safety and security of staff in working environments such as Hospitals, Mental Health Units and Airports is essential. Cortech continues to develop methods for reducing response times for a wide range of events. Recent enhancements have been made to the Datalog software to enable data to be received from the Guardian Staff Safety Systems controllers.


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The data can be received from either RS232 serial interface or TCP/IP Ethernet controllers using the Guardian proprietary protocol.

A range of “CALL” levels can be generated by the Guardian system, depending on the level of help required:

  • The “Assistance” message generated by the Staff Personal Activation Device button being pressed.
  • The “Attack” message generated by the Staff Personal Activation Device cord being pulled.
  • The “Reset” message generated by activation of the controller’s reset key.
  • Each infra-red or radio-frequency receiver has its own unique Guardian address and is treated as a single Datalog circuit.

Activation of the button on a Staff member’s Personal Activation Device will generate an Assistance alarm on the circuit for the specific IR/RF Receiver nearest to the Personal Activation Device. The Guardian Staff Safety Systems also transmits a User ID for the Personal Activation Device. This User ID is included in the alarm information.

The system can be configured such that should the staff member move while the Personal Activation Device is in an alarm condition, the Datalog’s alarm will move to the new location, tracking the Staff Member and ensuring the Response Team go to the current location.

Guardian Staff Safety System