Datalog Links with Worldwide Fire Brand

Cortech developments and GLT Exports, a manufacturer of early warning Fire Alarm Systems, Gas Detection and Emergency Systems, can confirm the integration of Datalog and the Premier Quatro fire system, which forms part of GLT’s worldwide brand, Zeta Alarm Systems.



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Datalog can handle multiple fire panels connected via one gateway into Datalog along with multiple gateways connected to Datalog. A Datalog license is required for every master and slave panel connected to Datalog.

Should a fire alarm occur, the alarm will annunciate on the Datalog system as a circuit alarm according to the panels loop and device number with an icon displaying the alarm position.

Optional on screen buttons allow the fire panel to be silenced, sounders can be switched on and off and the fire panel reset from Datalog.

If a fault alarm occurs, the Datalog system will display a fault alarm symbol and depending on the type of fault, the relevant fault text will be displayed in the alarm queue and recorded in the history database.

Quatro front panel