Major Integration with Bosch Personal Alarms

Cortech Developments is involved in a major integration with Bosch Security Systems and its Personal Security Pager (PS Pager) System.

This wireless personal alarm system provides enhanced personal security for staff in high security environments such as Prisons, Detention Centers and Mental Health environments. It also eliminates the requirement for wiring, commonly used in the traditional wall mounted alarm systems.


Cortech’s Datalog software will be able to communicate with the PS Pager system to provide a comprehensive integrated solution that enables response teams to be directed to the exact location of an incident and quickly, thereby preventing a situation escalating into an emergency.

The Personal Security Pager System provides Datalog with location data and status information for each of its PS Pager mobiles. Datalog can then highlight the position of the PS Pager mobiles on its site maps.

Bosch personal alarms

Should the PS Pager mobiles alarm be activated, the Datalog will annunciate the alarm showing the last position, number and name of the mobile.

If alarms from other equipment are announced on the Datalog system they can be sent automatically to specific pagers or group pagers. A user form allows pager messages to be transmitted.

Datalog can also report whether:

  • A pager is absent or active (in or out of the charging rack)
  • A pager is switched on or off
  • A Pager’s battery status (a warning alarm is announced for a pager with a low battery)

The PS Pager features a manual alarm button, a reversible message display on top for hands free reading plus a graphical front display for legible pager (alarm) messages and by default a vibrator for discreet alerting.