Cortech & IndigoVision leading edge solutions

Cortech can confirm an integration initiative with IndigoVision, the leading manufacturer of end-to-end IP video security solutions. This development involves the integration of Datalog with the IndigoVision range of NVR’s, as well as the IndigoVision Control Center software and /or the IndigoVision decoders to create a virtual CCTV matrix.

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IndigoVision NVR Driver

Datalog can communicate with the IndigoVision range of Network Video Recorders and Network Cameras. Video can be streamed to the Datalog PC using MPEG4, H.261 or H.264 (dependent on model) across the LAN making use of TCP, multicast and unicast transmission where possible.

IndigoVision models that are compatible with Datalog include:

  • NVR-AS 3000 RA Range
  • NVR-AS 3000 FD Range
  • Compact NVR-AS 3000 Range
  • Windows NVR
  • 11000 range of HD IP Cameras
  • 11000 HD PTZ IP Dome Camera
  • 8/9000 Fixed IP Camera
  • 8/9000 Fixed IP Dome Camera
  • 8/9000 PTZ IP Dome Camera
  • 8/9000 Transmitter/Receiver
  • 8/9000 Dual Receiver

Datalog uses the IndigoVision SDK version 2.6 to interface with the IndigoVision equipment.

When an alarm occurs on Datalog up to four cameras can be associated with a circuit and switched to a preset. The alarm event can then be replayed on the Datalog screen to show the pre and post video verification. Historic replay of events is also available together with manual camera selection for replay or live.

Datalog camera icons can be used to drag and drop cameras from the Datalog maps on to the video replay window for reviewing recorded images or viewing live cameras. If PTZ cameras are connected to the NVR then live onscreen PTZ control is available via the Datalog screen.

Datalog can also monitor the IndigoVision cameras for video loss alarms and also the alarm inputs available on the devices.

IndigoVision Virtual Matrix CCTV Driver

Datalog can communicate with the IndigoVision Control Center software and/or the IndigoVision decoders to create a virtual CCTV matrix.

The IndigoVision Control Center software can support up to 4 monitor outputs with each monitor output supporting a variety of different layouts from a single full screen image up to a 5×5, 25 way video display.  Datalog is able to communicate with multiple instances of the Control Center therefore allowing Datalog to support any number of monitor outputs.

Datalog allows the automatic call up upon alarm condition of up to five cameras to preset positions on to five monitors and supports any number of banks of monitors for alarm switching. Datalog will send the current time/date at program start up and whenever the time is changed on the Datalog PC.

If on-screen camera icons are defined, then an on screen CCTV keypad can be accessed on right click of a camera icon to allow the user to manually select cameras to monitors with full pan/tilt/zoom operation of fully functional cameras.

Favourite buttons are available whereby pre-determined cameras and presets to monitors can be selected for favourite camera to monitor selections. They can either be selected manually or automatically by using a Datalog Timezone. Alternatively, Datalog can request to display video streams onto the IndigoVision decoders.  Each decoder supports a single monitor output displaying a single video stream.