Major Integration Development with Samsung

Cortech Developments in collaboration with Samsung are pleased to announce a major integration initiative involving the Datalog SMS and Samsung Digital Video Recorders and iPOLiS Network Cameras.   



Samsung Ipolis

Samsung is one of the fastest growing professional security brands in Europe and Cortech are delighted to add another major brand to our expanding integration portfolio.

Datalog uses the Samsung XNS ActiveX SDK Version 0.9, 01/1012010. The ActiveX control API enables viewing of video streams in H.254, MPEG-4 and MJEG.

When an alarm occurs on Datalog up to four cameras can be associated with a circuit and switched to a preset.  The alarm event can then be replayed on the Datalog screen to show the pre and post video verification.  Historic replay of events is also available together with manual camera selection for replay or live.

Datalog camera icons can be used to drag and drop cameras from the Datalog maps on to the video replay window for reviewing recorded images or viewing live cameras.

If PTZ cameras are connected to the DVR then live onscreen PTZ control is available via the Datalog screen.

Datalog is able to monitor the DVR for the following:

  • Hard disk failure
  • A broken fan
  • Hard disk full
  • Communications link between Datalog and the DVR
  • Video loss alarms
  • Alarm inputs
  • Sensor events

Samsung Models compatible with Datalog include:


  • SHR-204X, SHR-208X, SHR-216X, SHR-504X,
  • SHR-508X, SHR-516X, SHR-604X, SHR-608X,
  • SHR-616X, SHR-708X, SHR-716X, SHR-808X,
  • SHR-816X, SHR-C5041,
  • SRD-161X, SRD-163X, SRD-165X, SRD-167X,
  • SRD-47X, SRD-83X, SRD-85X, SRD-87X

Network Cameras

  • SNB-1000, SNB-2000, SNB-3000, SNB-5000,
  • SNC-1300, SNC-550, SNC-570, SNC-B2315,
  • SNC-B2331, SNC-B2335, SNC-B5368, SNC-B5395,
  • SNC-B5399, SNC-C6225, SNC-C7225, SNC-C7478,
  • SNC-M300,
  • SND-1010, SND-3080, SND-3080F, SND-460V,
  • SND-5080, SND-560,
  • SNP-1000A, SNP-3120, SNP-3120V, SNP-3120VH,
  • SNP-3300A, SNP-3301, SNP-3350, SNP-3370,
  • SNP-3370TH, SNP-3750,
  • SNV-3080, SNV-3120, SNV-5080,
  • SNS-100, SNS-400, SNT-1010, SPE-100