Guardall & Datalog Intruder Solution

Cortech has undertaken integration projects with a host of major intruder alarm manufacturers. One of these includes Guardall, part of the UTC Fire & Security Group group and a world leader in the security and fire market.

Guardall Logo

The Datalog SMS communicates with the Guardall alarm panels via an RS232 serial connection or IP Ethernet using the Link Layer Communication Protocol, PS/006 issue 4 and the protocol PS/002 issue 29.

The current Guardall intruder alarm panels that are monitored via Datalog include: –

  • PX500 firmware version v1.20, v3.00, v4.00, v4.10, v4.2x, 4.3x
  • PX250 HS firmware version v4.00, v4.10, v4.2x, 4.3x
  • PX48i, PX80i, firmware version v4.2x, v4.3x
  • QX32i, RX16i firmware version v4.2x, v4.3x

The panel must have a Serial Module, on-board Serial Port or Ethernet module to connect to Datalog.

Datalog is able to monitor the status of all the circuits on the panel for alarm and tamper conditions and also view the diagnostic status of each circuit. All the peripheral devices such as Concentrators or Serial modules and the actual Panel Status are monitored and any faults/tampers are reported to Datalog. You can also view the diagnostic status of the panel and all the devices connected to it.

On screen output icons allow Datalog to set and unset areas on the panel, set and reset output relays, and lock and unlock doors. Furthermore, if an area on the panel is set or unset, the associated input group on Datalog will follow suit.