Circuit Mimic Provides Enhanced View

The Datalog 5 software incorporates the innovative Mimic Driver. The Mimic displays a fixed map / drawing in its own window.  It is intended to be displayed on its own monitor to act as either a single or multi-site overview.


circuit mimic

The driver allows a number of user – defined Circuit Groups to be assigned to a map/drawing. These circuit groups could, for example represent:

  • All circuits for a site
  • All circuits for a building
  • All circuits for a floor
  • All fire alarms
  • All door alarms

The circuit group can be set up to display as an icon on the screen. The icons colour/symbol will change to show the current state of the circuit group.

Current states displayed are:

  • Armed / Normal (No circuits are inhibited or non-secure)
  • Part Armed (Some circuits are inhibited)
  • Unarmed (All circuits are uninhibited)
  • Unconfirmed alarms (circuit(s) non-secure but not giving an alarm)
  • Tamper Alarms (Tamper Alarms present)

The circuit group can also be set up to display its individual circuits on the map when they are in alarm.

If individual circuits are displayed then the main Datalog site map must be used as its icons and icon positions are used to place the mimic icons. A number of options are available to customise the mimic.