New Module for Energy Efficiency & Cost Savings

Cortech has launched a new Energy Module, which provides an integrated Targeted Metering Solution. This will enable you to be smarter about the way you use your energy.

Targeted Metering Solution Energy Banner

Energy Monitoring is a ‘common sense’ business measure that reduces your energy usage and costs. Monitoring Water, Gas, Electricity and Oil consumption through Datalog enables you to set up thresholds for consumption, generating an alarm when the threshold has been reached.

This is particularly beneficial with monitoring in instances of leaks that are not immediately evident. Such leaks can cost thousands if they go undetected for long periods, not to mention the cost of damage the leak may cause.  By monitoring your water consumption via Datalog a leak of this nature would be detected at its very earliest stage allowing you to take remedial action.

The new energy module can also manage your building and room temperature based on movement. Simply use your PIR’s to monitor the movement of people in rooms/buildings and automatically reduce the temperature based on non-occupancy. Be smart, be more efficient and cut your costs.

Cortech’s Energy and BMS Modules can be linked dynamically to any existing integration you have for security and fire control room equipment, as a single operating and reporting platform with just one database.

Remote hosting is available to provide your organisation with constant monitoring and analysis of your energy carbon CO2 consumption.

Key Features:

  • Intelligent Metering – real time events
  • Display Meter readings – online hosting includes monitoring and reviews
  • Set thresholds for power and water usage
  • Switch outputs for sounders, lights & display


  • Reduce your Carbon Emissions
  • Demonstrate your green credentials to customers & employees
  • Increase your efficiency
  • Comply with legislation
  • Cut your costs

Targeted Energy Metering Drivers include:

  • BACnet to Modbus
  • Synetica Energy