Becatech Flight Desk Integration

Cortech Developments are pleased to announce a major new integration development with Becatech and their Watercress CNI protection system for Water utilities.

Cortech Open Innovation Event - October 2015

The system detects intrusion events including hatch openings along with any shock vibrations received on the hatch lid, from water tank sensors and water towers. The system analyser removes false alarms through sophisticated analytics, it can also protect buildings, doors and room space using PIR’s, video sensors, and beams if desired, with entry exit delays to allow field personnel to unset the system before an alarm takes place.

Simple on/off switches, either magnetic or mechanical can be fitted to either hatches or doors in wired or wireless configurations.


The Analyser is fitted with duel methods of communications for both fixed and wireless networks and can utilise PSTN, ADSL, GSM or satellite networks as well as existing SCADA telemetry.

Audio verification

Audio is constantly recorded by the Watercress analyser and allows verification by the control centre operator of break in noise, by dialling into the system after an alarm has been generated.  When an alarm is generated audio is stored beginning one minute before the alarm activation through the alarm until one minute after the alarm. Live audio at the time of dial in is also heard which allows verification that the culprits are still on site or not.  By dialling the appropriate analyser number complete audio verification can be listened to. Video verification is also available.