Datalog 5 Reseller Programme Launched

As part of our continued commitment to driving the highest standards of delivery for DATALOG 5 systems, Cortech has launched a DATALOG 5 Reseller Programme.

Datalog 5

The Programme will assist in providing transparency for End Users and Consultants regarding the level of experience, expertise and competency each Integrator / Installer possesses in relation to the installation, modification and support of DATALOG solutions.

The Reseller Programme includes the following three classifications:

Premium Reseller

Organisations with extensive in-depth knowledge and experience of DATALOG for the purposes of sales, installation, training and customer support.  This includes investment in product training and experience with multisite monitoring and control solutions.

Accredited Reseller

For organisations who have carried out bespoke training for the installation and support of DATALOG integration solutions with specific software integration modules.


Integrators / Installers that have carried out the minimum  level of training recognised to be considered as competent for installing and supporting DATALOG for specific site system installations and their associated software integration modules.

If you are interested in applying to be part of the Reseller Programme or require further information, please call 01925 750600.