New Senstar Integration with D5

Cortech’s latest major software release, Datalog 5, now integrates to Senstar’s Network Manager using the Network Manager Interface.

security camera screens

Senstars Network Manager Suite is a powerful IP based alarm reporting system for Senstar’s sensors.  Senstar’s perimeter intrusion detection systems [PIDS] have an integrated sensor networking capability that provides a two- way communication channel between sensors and the control room.

Supported Network Manager types are: Silver, Crossfire, Sentrax, MX-5000, Sennet and VoE (alarms and outputs only).

Alarm Location

Some devices such as the Omnitrax report the locations of any activations.  This is displayed to the operator in the description of the corresponding alarm allowing them to more effectively evaluate the situation.

Devices supported on the Silver Network include:

  • Network Interface Unit
  • OmniTrax
  • OmniTrax LT
  • Xfield
  • 16I/16O Transponder
  • MPS-4100
  • FlexPS
  • UltraWave

Devices supported on the Crossfire Network include:

  • PLC-410
  • PLC-420
  • PLC-430
  • MPS-4100
  • IntelliFlex
  • IntelliField

Devices supported on the Sennet Network include:

  • Network Controller
  • TU
  • LTU
  • Perimitrax SM
  • IntelliFlex