A Latest Development in Fence Intrusion Detection

Datalog 5 integrates with and provides control of the Detection Technologies VibraSector® series of alarm detection and processing equipment.

security fence by cortech

VibraSector® represents one of the latest developments in the field of fence intrusion detection systems, offering accurate location of hostile events occurring at any point along the perimeter of a protected site.

Developed as a multi-ported driver, it can connect to up to 36 VibraSector® Analysers.  The driver permits adjustment of the field based intruder detection systems, enables the operator to monitor alarms and provides IP Streaming audio playback of live and pre-post alarm audio.

The advantages of the VibraSector® systems over its predecessors include:

  • A single sensor cable appears as multiple variable length detection sectors
  • Increased system security
  • Field adjustments eliminated
  • Full logging and central control of sensor adjustments
  • Centralised processing and adjustment

The system security is also enhanced if the architecture permits the location of analysis equipment in secure buildings, safe from opportunist vandalism or intentional damage.

VibraSector® utilises Detection Technologies’ tried and tested VibraTek sensor cable of which more than 250km has been installed at high security sites across the globe including prisons, airports, power stations, military establishments, as well as many sensitive industrial facilities.

Each VibraSector® analyser offers the ability to monitor and control up to 1000 metres of VibraTek® sensor cable which may be segmented into 100 sub-zones so that the location of intruder-related activity detected by the sensor cable may be identified with a maximum error of 1% of the perimeter length.

Each VibraSector® sub-zone can be allocated its own set of detection parameters so that variations in fence quality and type may be accommodated within a single system without incurring false alarms or detection ‘blind spots’ that would be inevitable without such flexibility.

VibraSector® provides high quality audio verification in which audio signatures resulting from hostile events are stored in digital format so that they may be recalled and replayed from any remote location.  This feature is a valuable tool that may be used by security staff to confirm received alarms as being the result of genuine intrusions. This audio is digitally streamed for playback over an Ethernet connection from the Analyser to our Datalog SMS. Both live audio and the actual pre/post audio which triggered the analyser alarm can be streamed.

VibraSector® is fully compatible with industry standard IP networks to ensure that integration and communication with the Datalog system is seamless.  All system configuration commands, alarm information and digital audio are accessible through the IP connection on each VibraSector® analyser.